Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Helteko Car Vacuum Cleaner 12V – High Power Portable Hand Vacuum Cleaner with LED Light – 120 W Corded Car Vac with 3 Accessories and Carrying Bag

EASY WAY TO KEEP YOUR CAR CLEAN – with car vacuum cleaner even hard-to-reach spaces will be clean

POWERFUL SUCTION – 120w hand vacuum cleaner with metal turbine will cope with both dry and wet dirt

EFFECTIVE ACCESSORIES – handheld vacuum cleaner with 3 accessories will ensure spotless cleaning

WELL-THOUGHT-OUT DETAILS – car vac cleaner with 16,5 ft cord has LED-light and secured HEPA filter

CONVENIENT TO STORE – high power portable car vacuum cleaner with carrying bag will fit in any trunk

Product description

Are you a car owner and you are tired of endless dust, dirt, food crumbs or pet hair inside of your vehicle?
Perhaps you are looking for a small but powerful car vacuum cleaner?
Maybe you’re just looking for a useful gift for a car owner suitable for almost any occasion – from birthday to Christmas?
We are proud to introduce you a NEW HIGH-POWERED MODEL of the hand held vacuum cleaner


✸ STRONG SUCTION – extremely powerful 120 W motor of the compact hand vacuum cleaner will help to keep car’s interior clean with ease
✸ LONG CORD – 12v car vacuum cleaner is equipped with 16,5 ft cable that enables properly vacuuming of all areas even in the big car
✸ USEFUL ATTACHMENTS – provided 3 accessories make it easy to clean up sand and spills as well as pet hair or crumbs
✸ BRIGHT LED LIGHT of the hand-held vacuum cleaner lets you see every corner of the car’s interior
✸ DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – car wash vacuum cleaner with the metal turbine and secured HEPA filter will serve you properly for a long time
✸ EASY TO STORE – mini vacuum for a car in carrying bag will not take up a lot of space in the trunk

✔ To get the highest voltage for the motor please start the car engine before vacuuming
✔ It’s recommended to limit vacuum’s application time to 20 minutes in order to prolong its life
✔ If you want to you use the Vacuum at home you should buy an AC to DC power adapter 110V-12V (120W)

Package Included: 

1 x Car Vacuum
3 x Nozzles
1 x Storage Bag
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual


Does it use filter bags?

No. It has a collection canister that you empty when full. 
By Cara McKinney on January 21, 2019

It uses no bags. 
By Michelle Gilliam on January 20, 2019

Does it work with liquids (i.e pick up spilled water)?

The vacuum succeeds in aspirating liquids as well. 
For example, if the seat is wet, suction can be carried out without problems. 
For example, if you poured liquid on the seat. 
I do not recommend vacuuming a lot of pure liquid. 
However, use with caution on the liquid. 
For any other questions, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day. 
Many thanks! 
Best regards
Helteko January 21, 2019

I don’t think I would use it that way. It could be done but I don’t think it would be safe to 
By Michelle Gilliam January 20, 2019

will it works on my ford pinto?

Yes, as long as you have a place to plug it in…example: cigarette lighter. 
By Cara McKinney on January 21, 2019
It works, it is important that you have the 12 Volt socket and that it generates enough current. 
For any other questions, we are available 24 hours a day. 
Thanks a lot! 

Helteko on January 21, 2019

Does it get in between the seats and center console easy?

Yes, it does as it comes with the right attachments to do that, it works better if car is running for sure, has mu more power when engine is on! 
By M. Smith on February 14, 2019