Backseat baby Mirror

Backseat baby Mirror

Helteko Baby Car Mirror – View of Infant in Rear Facing Car Seat – Stable and Shatterproof Backseat Mirror for Child with Wide Crystal Clear View – Easy Adjustable 360° – Crash Tested Secure


KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR BABY – The child safety mirror is suitable for rear-facing baby car seats as it can be installed on the headrest of the backseat so you can check on your baby through your rearview mirror.

PERFECT VISION – The baby car seat mirror has an adjustable base that can swivel at 360°for the perfect angle and the reflecting surface is of the finest quality for a crystal clear image without any distortion.

 MADE TO LAST – The backseat car mirror is shatterproof and it has an advanced mount design that will limit vibrations so it can stay in top condition and keep your baby safe.

EASY TO INSTALL – The infant car mirror has double security straps that can fit on any car and they will keep the mirror securely in place for as long as you need to.

GET 100% SATISFACTION – Your satisfaction comes first and this is why we provide you with a Full Money-Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty!

Product description

✔️ Make Sure That Your Baby Is All right Even While You’re Driving!

Do you have a rear-facing car seat for your baby?

Do you need to keep an eye on your little one to make sure he or she is all right?

Is the constant turning around making it difficult to drive?

Well, you shouldn’t risk getting into an accident anymore because we have the perfect solution for you!

The Helteko backseat baby mirror is exactly what you need!

✔️ Premium Quality

The baby seat mirror is made with the best quality materials so it can be incredibly strong and safe.

The mirror is very durable and it will give you a crystal clear image so you can keep an eye on your baby with no worries.

✔️ Amazing Results

The baby monitor mirror has an adjustable base so you can keep it at just the right angle to have the perfect vision of your little one.

You can place it on the headrest of your backseat and let it reflect the rear-facing baby car seat.

Then, you can look at the mirror through your rearview mirror and be able to check on your baby without having to turn around every two minutes!

✔️ Simple Installation

No need to worry about wasting time and effort trying to install the mirror on your car!

The mirror comes with double security straps so it can be installed and removed within minutes!

✔️ So Get Yours Now Before We Run Out Of Stock!


What is the length of the fixing straps? Are they robust?

Thank you for your question! 
Our fastening belts are 50 cm long each. 
10 cm more than our other competitors on the market. 
They are robust because they have reinforced seams. 
They are of better quality. 
We offer a guarantee for life because we are sure of our quality. 
For any other questions, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day. 
Best regards 


Is the image as crystal clear as on the photos?

Yes. However, I do have some issue when I wear my sunglasses. 
By Amazon Customer on January 29, 2019

Does it work with fixed headrest?

I do not move my headrest so I would say yes. The straps fit snug around the headrest and the mirror is adjustable. 
By Amazon Customer on January 29, 2019. I’m not sure, but I don’t see a reason it wouldn’t. Tightness is adjusted by scraps. 
By Candy Boone on January 29, 2019I think it would. The straps are angled from top to bottom. 
By Kindle Customer on January 29, 2019 Hello, 
Thank you for your question! 
It does not work with the fixed headrest. 
For any questions, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day. 
Thanks a lot! 
Best regards 
By Helteko SELLER  on January 29, 2019I did not adjust my headrest to install, so my thought is yes! 
By Kristin B on January 29, 2019Yes 
By Kasey Rickens on January 29, 2019

Can this be installed without an adjustable headrest?

I dont’ believe so. It has two elastic straps that wrap around the headrest. 
By Janet G. on October 15, 2018Hello, 
Thank you for your question! 
Can not be installed on a non-adjustable (fixed) headrest 
The headrest must have enough space to pass the fastening straps. 
For any other questions, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day. 
Best regards