Air Compressor AC/DC

Air Compressor AC/DC

Helteko Air Compressor Tire Inflator AC/DC, Electric Digital Tire Pump for Car 12V and Home 110V, Portable Air Pump with Auto Shut-Off, Emergency LED Light for Car Tires, Bicycle and Other Inflatables


AC/DC POWER SUPPLY  –  Helteko air compressor tire inflator for car tires comes with a special  AC / DC switch mode that makes the electric tire pump more useful and convenient than ever before since you can use a 12V car cigarette lighter plug on the go as well as 110V wall plug in case you require to use it at home.

EXTREMELY FAST INFLATION  –  Our auto air compressor inflates a standard car tire without any complications. Its potent motor provides superb power making inflation super-fast and easy. Our digital tire inflator helps even in case of emergency, so you can be sure that your tires are well filled anytime and anywhere.

HIGH QUALITY & EASY TO USE  –  We used only durable ABS plastic and stainless steel to make our air pump. Due to its well-designed construction, our digital tire inflator is not only solid, but it’s also easy to move around. Our tire inflator for car tires comes with a carrying case, so take your tire pump whenever you go.

MULTIPLE USES  –  Car air compressor allows you to reach all tire types of your vehicle: a car, bike, motorcycle, bicycle, ATV, SUV, or Sedan. Digital tire inflator comes with different nozzle attachments, so you can inflate balls, air pillows, cushions, mattresses, balloons & other inflatables without difficulty.

OUTSTANDING SUPPORT  –  We put customer experience and satisfaction as our priority. If you have any issues with the tire pump, please contact us and any of them will be solved till you are satisfied. Have peace of mind knowing that H Helteko takes care of you and covers air compressors by a 3-YEAR WARRANTY!


Its unique swift modes make this compressor flexible in terms of use, because you can plug it into your 12V car’s cigarette lighter or 110V socket. 

You can easily read the programmed pressure even at night. It comes with a bright and high-precision display enabling you to use it in case of emergency. Don’t forget to choose the desired unit of measurement for pressure: PSI, BAR & KG/CM²

It gains a 35 liter/min air flow rate allowing you to pump a standard wheel in 3-5min, so inflate your tires faster and easier than ever before. 

The auto air pump shuts-off automatically once the pre-set pressure is achieved, so you don’t need to wait to do it by yourself.

We used durable materials to make our digital tire inflator. It has a long cable and a great car/home mode, so you can use it everywhere. Due to its compact size, it takes up very little space. It also comes with a carrying bag allowing you to keep it in your automobile or at home.
Here is a NEW model of the Helteko AC/DC Air Compressor Tire Inflator for Car and Home!

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  1. Nunzio Pollifrone

    Over the past 12 months, I have purchased four (4) Helteko AC/DC air compressors. The model number purchased is CZK-3657. I have kept one for myself and given the other three to my adult children to store in their vehicles. I did a good amount of comparative research prior to settling on this unit. In summary, I believe that the Helteko compressor provides the best value overall for the money. The factors that influenced my choice include the compact size and weight, the clear display, the LED illuminating light and the convenient carrying case. Several other compressors in this price range were rated higher by expert reviews; however, they appeared too light and flimsy to me. The compressors have been used several times by my family and me. The units have functioned very well, providing accurate readings on the display and accurate pressures. The noise level is very tolerable compared to the previous pancake style tire inflator that I owned. The ability to power these compressors from your car or from a wall outlet (if available) is a plus. The compressors look and behave like a quality piece of equipment. Having used these for a combined total of about a dozen times since purchasing them, I have yet to find any negative aspects of these units.

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