Helteko is the leader in products for the car, which is part of the company Union Tradex LLC. The idea to set up the company came across our mind a long time ago. However, it was officially opened in 2017.

    Our top priority is to meet the demand of each customer making their experience with Helteko unforgettable, this’s why we thoroughly test our products at every manufacturing stage paying exceptional attention to each minor detail so that you can enjoy their top-notch quality. We target a broad range of products, in particular, we offer a wide variety of baby products as well as accessories for all types of vehicles.


    Our production facilities are based in Europe and China. We work with the most powerful enterprises in the globe that strictly adhere to quality-security-efficiency standards required to launch a product and place it on the market.

    We systematically assess all the materials used during the production process in terms of quality and reliability in order to ensure finished product quality.

    We’re committed to maintaining excellent customer service interacting with our customers at the highest level possible. Being a dedicated and open-minded team, we’ve already captured the marketplace in the USA. However, our purpose is to develop ourselves further and the same can be said about our products, for this reason, we aim at entering the European marketplace in the near future.



Best Regards,
Helteko team